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Entertain the kids with two hours of dancing and playing inclusive games



Add the excitement of a circus show to any birthday event and you get the greatest birthday ever



Kids and adults enjoy playing with the circus props and learning fun new skills

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7 Great opportunities to book some Party Noodles time

Birthday Parties

ALL of our birthday parties include these:

Music – From trending tunes to nostalgic party hits, we have it all! Our awesome party playlist will have all the kids dancing and I’ve even caught mums having a boogie too.

I give out prizes for kids’ coolest dance moves and best actions which encourages even the shy ones to participate. 

Games – We never play elimination games at our parties because it’s just no fun to lose!

This is why I put a twist on those classic party games. For example, our pass the parcel game is called “danger pass the parcel” and is high pace and exciting for the kids. 

Crafts – Every Party includes a scratch art craft activity for each child. The kids can scratch away the layers to reveal hidden rainbows underneath, it’s the perfect no-mess alternative to traditional messy paint and it’s even more fun. Plus the kids can take the craft home to show off to their friends and family.

And when you book the circus show option it also includes

The showBlow your guest’s mind with a collection of well selected circus tricks at your child’s birthday, including Crystal ball magic as featured in the legendary movie The Labyrinth with David Bowie. And I just know that this show amazes people of all ages because often the ooooh and wows coming from the grandparents are louder than the kids laughing and having a ball. 


When you are looking for an activity that gets all of the kids engaged – you are actually looking at the one thing that Circus skills workshops excel in.

In our Circus skills workshop, the kids never compete. And since it’s a good fit for kids of all grades, it’s the perfect solution for your school needs.
Some schools book us as a fun replacement for P.E lessons, while others, like Farsley Springbank School, for example, choose to create an extra special treat day for a few of the classes.
Prices for schools are always budget friendly, so let’s talk dates.
We are always flexible to your needs and adjust the activity to the group ages.


Young children can develop motor skills and coordination through play and games with well selected circus props. We can tailor our workshops to any age group. Seriously, any age, even tots.

On a more personal note, as a mother of a kiddo (little James) who was born in 2019, I know how short the attention span of the little ones is sometimes. But with my proven activity structure the kids are always engaged in the fun, and the end result is a nice dose of controlled chaos.

Special event

Got a wedding, christening or company event coming up? I know you want to WOW your guests and here is a great way to also get them to take pictures.

Our circus workshop activities are designed to create Instagram friendly moments for everyone. This means your special day will become everyone’s fun memorable day, and they have a way to prove it.
And we can adjust the service to the specific need of your event in terms of length, location and style.

Music Festivals

Add colour to your festival with a drop-in workshop. People can visit our spot at any time they want and get some private lessons and be off for the races.

It’s a fantastic crowd-pleaser and adds magic to any festival and is inclusive for people of all ages and abilities.
We even encourage people to take photos and educate them about your event’s hashtags so that other people will learn of the great fun that they can get if they attend your festival.

Seasonal Events

Any of our parties can be themed around your seasonal event. It’s an ideal solution to entertaining your guests at Christmas, Easter or Halloween etc.

We love to get in fancy dress for any occasion and can perform or teach circus skills even while wearing a specific costume that matches your theme. For example, during Dec we often perform as an Elf that is constantly looking for a way to impress the guests by Juggling snowballs and dancing with a candy cane hula-hoop.

Kids Fun Day

Entertain kids of all ages at your fun day with a brilliant drop-in workshop. Kids can pick up and play with a prop and be amazed at all the new skills they learn.

This even includes 1:1 tuition from the workshop leaders. So whatever your event is called, we can make it into a kids fun day.

Why do I call myself the Organiser of Chaos?

Because kids’ parties are CHAOS and it’s my job to facilitate this madness in an exciting memorable experience that is actually stress-free for the parents.

The highlight of every party is the big toilet paper fight… sounds crazy? Well yes, it is!
The kids go absolutely nuts for it, we make such a mess and cover the room in toilet roll and just at the moment when every parent in the room is thinking WTF is going on?!? 🙈
I get every single child in that room to tidy up all that mess they created and to the parent’s surprise, they do it!

With my party formula, kids actually listen to what I tell them to do because they think that everything is a game. That’s why they LOVE my version of organized chaos.

Expect people to tell you things like this:

“All the kids had enjoyed it… even the adults got involved in the snowball fight at the end… brilliant fun!”

- Rachel Thompson

Testimonials of happy clients

Want the Organised Chaos

Experience at your party?

Let’s talk

When you book The Party Noodles

Expect the kids in your celebration to:

Learn a new skill

a Circusy experience

Feel empowered

Be engaged

Get lots of photos

Have so much FUN

And you will be experiencing a stress-free party, start to finish.

Disco & Games Party Package

You want your child to feel like the most important person in the world on their Birthday.

But where do you start?
There’s so much stuff to remember, music, entertainment, venue, activities, prizes etc. It’s so stressful and that’s before the party even starts!

Then on top of that, you have to deal with 2 hours of sugar hyped bored wild kiddos running around screaming!?! 😈🙈🤯

Not everyone is cut out for the chaos of a kids party which is why we are here to help you.

Party host Nicky Noodles takes control throughout the party. She brings along everything needed to entertain a full room of kids. From start to finish the children are fully engaged and having a fantastic time.🥳

Our party formula provides all the classic party games you know and love but with a unique twist to make the games even more enjoyable and engaging. Plus we don’t compete at our parties meaning no child being left out and No Tears.
Everyone is a winner at a Noodles Party! 👑

What do I get in the 2-hour Party Package?

  • Party Expert Nicky Noodles
  • Games & Prizes
  • Danger Pass the Parcel
  • No-mess Craft Activity
  • Bubble Machine
  • Party dancing
  • Music & Lighting
  • Free Personalised E-vites
  • A No-Stress solution to all your party problems

The Greatest Circus Party

Want to throw an unforgettable birthday party experience?

Roll up, roll up, it’s time for The Greatest Party Package!

A Circus Spectacular, where your child is the star of the show! ✨🎩🎪

Your child probably LOVES the greatest showman, let’s face it who doesn’t?

The dazzling lights, mesmerising performances and the AMAZING soundtrack is something that sparked a new love for the circus in the hearts of everyone.

And now you can amaze your guests and throw your child the greatest party ever that is inspired by the movie.

But first, let me ask you…
Do you have an idea where to start?
Are you scared of bored guests?
Or maybe wearing a clown wig and red nose just isn’t your style 🤡

Let us help with that…

With this 2-hour party package, you too can bring the magic of the circus to your child’s special day.

It’s packed to the brim with brilliant entertainment, like Juggling, Hula hoop and even Unicycling…

Yes, Nicky Noodles will ride a genuine UNICYCLE at your child’s party! 🤯 And that’s not all!!

Your guests will have a fantastic time trying out new skills as well as playing circus games, making memories that will last a lifetime. 🎪

What do I get in the Party Package?

  • Ringmaster party host
  • Live circus acts
  • Games & Prizes
  • Themed craft activity
  • Party dancing
  • Bubble Machine
  • Music & Lighting
  • Free Personalised E-vites
  • A No-Stress solution to all your party problems

Circus Workshops

The workshop that gets EVERYONE involved

Are you a School Teacher? Event Planner? or Festival Organiser?

When you are looking for someone to arrange a workshop for kids, there is always this moment where you ask yourself: will the kids actually like this activity?
And it’s a real concern – kids’ brains today are soaked with Tik-Tok and Instagram, and their attention span is often the same as a juggling ball.
Finding a workshop that keeps the kids entertained is exhausting.
That’s why we love Circus Workshops.
There really is something in them for everyone of all ages, making it the perfect attraction for any event.

So if you’re looking for a reliable company, and a brilliant workshop, we have the perfect solution for you.

Still sceptical? Our Circus Skills workshop gives:

Boost Self Esteem

When a child learns a circus trick, an impossible challenge becomes a reality. That sense of achievement is so important to building a child’s confidence. Anyone can learn the basic skills quickly with the guidance of our workshop.

Non-competitive Exercise

Circus Skills delivers exercise in a positive, non-competitive and supportive atmosphere, making it particularly appealing to those who avoid traditional competitive team sports.

Build Life Skills

Improve hand-eye coordination, balance and concentration through skills such as juggling, plate spinning, diabolo and pedal-a-ago. 

Teachers - Why not make it part of the PE lesson? The kids won’t even realise they are learning because it’s too much fun!

The secret of Circus Workshops

Or… what is positive failure?

As part of every workshop, I use a tool called positive failure, which may sound contradictory, but it is a valuable life lesson everybody can embrace.

Here is the important lesson that the kids can get in the workshop. 

When I fail while demonstrating at the beginning of the workshop, the kids laugh and get trained that messing up is allowed and is ok. Then when they try by themselves, they don’t get angry or upset if they fail. They embrace it as a funny moment and then use that experience to try again and improve. 

Through circus, kids can channel their feelings into a healthy and positive experience and make failure fun!

What skills do you teach?

Juggling (scarves, balls, clubs)

Flower Sticks

Spinning Plates


Feather Balancing

Poi Spinning

Hula Hoops


(may vary depending on event type or age)

Plus as a bonus… I create customised plans for each event.

Interested in finding out more?

Contact Nicky for a no-obligation quote


Last summer I went to a festival where they were in charge of children’s entertainment. I have literally never seen kids having such fun, lovely to see.

Kat Hopwood-Lewis

Absolutely fantastic! 100% recommend them Thanks guys

Mick Chandsoor Bradford Council

Price table

Silly Noodles


For 2hr Disco & Games Party
(ages 4-8yrs)

Circus Noodles


For 2hr Circus Show & Games Party
(ages 4-10yrs)

Super Noodles


3hrs of fun, inc. everything in the Circus Noodles plus
Bubble Show
Circus workshop
Parachute Games 
+3 more secret bonuses

Mini Noodles Party

Looking for a party for a 2 or 3 year old?

We offer a 1hour Party speciaficly designed for younger age groups. Including story time with Doodles the Dragon Puppet, circus magic, games and simple party dances that tot’s love to boogie to.

Contact Nicky directly for your tailored circus workshop quote

About Nicky Noodles

I believe parties can become Stress-free and Unforgettable.
I believe Kids Party should get an Experience.

I remember before starting The Party Noodles, I attended a party and noticed the parents were arguing loudly. Turns out, they’ve left the candles at home and found out about it moments before the guests arrive.
How stressful.
It made me make a decision – I will help remove the stress from birthdays.

Hi, I am Nicky Noodles, and I’ve been in this industry for over 10yrs.
Spotting things the could potentially go wrong and finding solutions just comes naturally to me, since I ran my own party venue previously called The Apple of My Pie.

Making your life easier is my mission.

I’m always prepared and ready to take the weight off your shoulders.

Your guests deserve an impressive show. Nothing grabs the attention of children like Circus Skills and illusion tricks. And that’s exactly what I will bring to your event. I know what works and impresses them as I Volunteered for years at the Leeds Children’s Circus charity starting 2008. I only stopped when I became a mother myself in 2018. That volunteer work actually sparked my interest in all things unusual and silly and their positive impact on kids.

Even to this day, I take pride in seeing the kids’ faces light up as they see the impossible become a reality.

Smiles Guaranteed!

We’re so confident that your child and thier friends will love our parties, we will even back it up with a

Money Back Guarantee

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