Roll up, Roll up, the circus is coming to you!

Are you a School Teacher? Event Planner? or Festival Organiser?ย 

If you’re looking for a stand out activity to entertain and engage your guests, we have the perfect solution for you with a circus workshop. Trying to think of new ways to keep the kids entertained is exhausting, but the great thing about the circus is there is something for everybody.

So don’t stress, we can help make your event a showstopper! ๐Ÿคนโ€โ™€๏ธ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽช

Why are Circus skills so brilliant?

Learning a new skill boosts self-esteem, you can learn the basic skills quickly with the guidance of a workshop. When a child learns a circus trick, an impossible challenge becomes a reality, that sense of achievement is so important to building a child’s confidence. It can be a stand-alone ‘treat day’ school workshop or make it part of the PE lesson. Skills such as juggling, plate spinning and diabolo, improve hand-eye coordination and concentration. We also bring along many balance skills, improving both fine and gross motor skills. Circus Skills delivers exercise in a positive, non-competitive and supportive social atmosphere, making it particularly appealing to those who avoid traditional competitive team sports. Plus the kids won’t even realise they are learning because it’s too much fun!

What is positive failure?

As part of every workshop, I like to use a tool I call positive failure, which may sound contradictory, but it is a valuable life lesson I believe everybody should embrace. I don’t like to use the “C” word, but we all can learn an important lesson from a Clown! ๐Ÿคก When a clown fails, they laugh at their own mistakes and don’t get angry or upset. You embrace it as a funny moment and then use that experience to try again and improve. Patience and frustration, young children (and some adults) struggle with a lot. But though circus, kids can channel those big feelings into a positive experience and make failure fun!

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Here’s what other clients are saying

Mick Chandsoor

Absolutely fantastic! 100% recommend them Thanks guys – Mick Bradford Council

Kat Hopwood-Lewis

Last summer I went to a festival where they was in charge of children’s entertainment. I have literally never seen kids having such fun, lovely to see.


What skills do you teach?

  • Juggling (scarves, balls, clubs)
  • Flower Sticks
  • Spinning Plates
  • Hula Hoops
  • Diabolo
  • Poi Spinning
  • Feather Balancing
  • Pedal-a-gos

(may vary depending on event type or age)

I create customised plans for each event!


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