Easter is just around the corner and you might be wondering what sweet treats to buy your little one this year.

Your kids will get inundated with chocolate eggs which we all know isn’t great for their health.

What if I gave you a different solution this year, a treat that’s not just about how much chocolate they can fit in one go.

Let’s make easter about creating fun memories by adding a little balloon magic this year.

Check out our Balloon Belly bunnies, these awesome gifts are guaranteed to make your child's easter the best ever 🎈🐰

If you don’t fancy more chocolate we also have these brilliant Bunny wands that will bring a smile to anyone’s face 😁

When we were the Hidden Gem’s supplier of the month June 21 by far the most popular item was the Sweetie Cups.

As an extra Easter treat you can personalise them with any name totally FREE!

Flashback to 2019 - when I got sent this beautiful pic of 3 happy girls with their balloon bunnies, it was the big surprise at the end of an Easter egg hunt!

Thank you Rebecca Fargie for this wonderful picture 💚⠀
I love how much joy balloons bring to everyone 😊🎈🐰

How can I order?

It’s really simple, visit the Hidden Gem or drop me an email at Nicky@thepartynoodles.com.

Fill out the order form, choose your collection date and pay.

All the balloons will be made fresh for Easter weekend so just pick them up on a day that suits you, from

The Hidden Gem, 57 Low Lane, Birstall WF179EY.

These balloon sculptures are available to preorder for a limited time only, so act quickly if you don’t want to miss out.