Disco & Games Party

You want your child to feel like the most important person in the world on their Birthday.

But where do you start?
There's so much stuff to remember, music, entertainment, venue, activities, prizes etc. It's so stressful, and that's before the party even starts!

Then, you have to deal with 2 hours of sugar-hyped, bored wild kiddos running around screaming!?! 😈🙈🤯

Not everyone is cut out for the chaos of a kid's party, which is why we are here to help you.

Party host Nicky Noodles takes control throughout the party. She brings along everything needed to entertain an packed room of kids. From start to finish, the children are fully engaged and having a fantastic time.🥳

Our party formula provides all the classic party games you know and love but with a unique twist to make the games even more enjoyable and engaging. Plus, we don't compete at our parties meaning no child being left out and No Tears.
Everyone is a winner at a Noodles Party! 👑

What do I get in the 2-hour Party Package?

  • Party Expert Nicky Noodles
  • Games & Prizes
  • Danger Pass the Parcel
  • No-mess Craft Activity
  • Bubble Machine
  • Party dancing
  • Music & Lighting
  • Free Personalised E-vites
  • A No-Stress solution to all your party problems

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Price table

Disco & Games


For 2hr Classic Party
(ages 4-8yrs)

Greatest Circus Show


For 2hr Greatest Circus Party
(ages 4-10yrs)

The All-In Package


Including pre-made balloons, 3 hours of fun, two mini-workshops, Candy Cups for 30 kids and
2 more secret bonuses

Contact Nicky directly for your tailored circus workshop quote

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