Party venues can be tricky to find and sometimes expensive to hire.

But they are worth it if you find the perfect space for your little one’s special day.


Home vs Venue?

Which is the right choice for me?

Unless you live in a very large house or garden, it’s unlikely your home will be large enough to host a class full of kids. So think hard about whether it is worth saving money by hosting your child’s party at home. Consider what activities you would like to take place and how much mess will be made. The last thing you will want is to send the guests home and spend hours tidying up.


Should I host my party outdoors?

If your child is lucky enough to have a summer birthday you may be tempted to have the party in a garden or park space which sounds lovely in principle but remember…


The last thing you want to do is stop in the middle of a game and have all the kids run inside to hide from the rain, a gazebo might be an option but even then they are easily destroyed if it’s too windy (trust me it’s not fun having a gazebo collapse on you).

The benefits of hiring a hall or function room

Control the chaos – By having a large hall you can easily partition which parts of the room are used for what, you will need a space to play games, an area for food and somewhere for the adults to sit a natter.

Also, a large hall is free from distractions, a blank canvas to decorate to your heart’s content. When partying at home kids like to explore and play with your child’s toys which can cause unwanted arguments and mess.

Easy to clean – Once the party is over it takes 30-45mins to tidy up at a venue and then your job is done, you can go home to a clean house, put your feet up and relax after a hard day’s work. If the party is at home it often takes hours to clean, and kids will wonder and play with things they shouldn’t which will cause even more stress for you.

What to look for in a party venue?

When looking for a venue think about these important factors

  1. How many kids are you planning on inviting, is there enough space?
  2. Are there tables and chairs available for a food break and for parents to sit on?
  3. Do you want to provide refreshments? If not a pub function room may be best, then your guests can sort themselves out a drink.
  4. Do you need kitchen facilities to prep food or offer a cuppa to the grown-ups?
  5. Are there toilet facilities on site? most places will have this covered but if you do want a party outdoors this could be an issue for little bladders
  6. If you are inviting tiny tots, is the venue escape-proof? You know there’s always a little Houdini in the group!
  7. Is it an easy location for your guests to find and convenient to get transport to for non-drivers?

I’ve even created a handy map of all the venues I’ve worked with so you can easily find a space for your child’s party. 

I hope this helps in your journey to find the perfect party venue, feel free to drop me a message in the comments below if you have any further questions on the topic.

Did we miss a venue?

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