Last week I couldn’t stop talking about Random Acts of Kindness Day because it’s simply AMAZING!!
Kindness makes the world a better place, and I want everyone to participate.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not just for one day, I try to make it part of my every day in little ways that hardly get noticed, but it improves my mental health and impacts the people around me.

 Some ways I regularly take part:

  • Complimenting people
  • Donating Blood
  • Supporting small buisness
  • Saying thanks often
  • Picking up litter
  • Leaving reviews
  • Solving a problem
  • Encouraging people to be themselves
  • Treating everyone as individuals
  • Smiling 

Want some Kindess inspiration?

But Random Acts of Kindness day gives me an excuse to be EXTRA, to make an effort and do something different, which is why I shout about it so much because I want everybody to join in.

So this year, to do something special, I created 27 balloon animals with inspiring gift tags and cheerful little notes for the person to find.

Howden Clough Community Centre

I started my journey at my local community library shed, which is packed to the brim with fantastic books

It was a blustery day and I felt very windswept by the end of it so i’m glad I was hiding the balloons in libraries so they wouldn’t blow away!

Leeds Free Little Libraries 

I went on a tour of 7 Leeds little libraries across Morley, Gildersome, Pudsey & Farsley

I was so impressed by the artwork and the feel of community spirit from each little library, it’s such a beautiful project, and I highly recommend checking out your local one.

Farsley Community Library & Hub 

My last drop off was at the main Library in Farsley which i saved the balloons that where far to large for the little libraries.


Coffee break at Nan’s House

To recover from the wind I stopped at my Nan’s house in farsley an warmed up with a nice cup of coffee and a chat.

Yes I did dress for the occasion with my matching balloon animal leggings! 

A HUGE THANKS to @DaniellesHomeBakery

Out of 27 balloons, I got 1 response!


The point was to share kindness, so any SM tags were a bonus to me, and this one message brightened my day tenfold.

The little things that matter and receiving this message made all the hard work worth it.

I had completed my mission! 😁❤✨

Did you take part in random acts of kindness day?

I’d love to hear what you did. It doesn’t matter how big or small every little thing makes a big difference!

As a bonus act of kindness, I’ve started a featured Friendor (friend vendor) in my blog posts to shout out to other small business owners. This is not a paid-for advert, just something nice 😊


Featured Friendors

Picnic Leeds

Picnic Leeds

Helen Charlton

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and catering industry, I set up Picnic in 2021 after selling my busy Leeds cafe.
I wanted to spend more quality time with my young children, but the desire to create led me to start Picnic in early 2022.
I provide afternoon teas, individual picnic boxes/platters for children’s parties, corporate lunches and bespoke catering for intimate micro-events.
I don’t have a website yet, but you can enquire and/ or check my availability via email or Instagram.
Min Height: auto
Min Height: auto
Width: auto
Width: auto

If you’d like your business to be featured, drop me an email at

Thanks for reading to the end. YOU’RE THE BEST!! 💚🎉

I hope you have a fabulous day!